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Bollywood Exclusive: Pro Lyricist BABA (The Doorbeen) On ‘Patience’ Being The Voice of Success

BABA (The Doorbeen) has been stealing hearts of the music connoisseurs. The New Age Music King.


The serial hit-maker talks about his early days, career, and most importantly the role of “patience” in his life. Some of his amazing instant global hits like “Lamberghini, Prada, Bahoon Mein” are mesmerizing and hypnotizing with the lyrics and music.


Caught up with BABA (The Doorbeen), one of the most promising talents to come out of India, bringing credit to this Exclusive Interview. An emotion-crunching experience while witnessing this handsome jovial soul – BABA (The Doorbeen)’s music career begs the question, “How”?


BABA (The Doorbeen) took off his musical affair at the age of 15. This rendezvous started from his mom’s cassettes collection and turned to deep passion and attachment to words & lyrics, and the intensity and emotions attached to them. 


The phenomenal star wrote his first song in the ninth grade and gained fame among his circles for his alluring music creation. Talking about where he got his “emotions turned to lyrics” from, it all goes back to BABA (The Doorbeen)’s most simple and grounded response, “Exploring my inner mind and soul while I pen them down with true feelings”.


Fascinated and intrigued by what BABA (The Doorbeen) has meant for him. 

He describes his work as his virtue of patience, 

“Patience is formidable, intimidating, and a daring act. We are often hunting success to be available in a jiffy, but it is only patience that helps us become capable of that success. In short success without patience is like iron damaging itself with its rust.”


Music has no barriers, it’s great that we witness some minds that create different music and breath-taking lyrics while thinking out of the box. It has opened doors for many of us to experience music like never before. BABA (The Doorbeen) confesses on how being successful and influential makes him aware of a certain responsibility towards his industry and also for the music connoisseurs.


Further, BABA (The Doorbeen) conveys his definition of success to all the lovely readers, 

Thanks for supporting me in all my creative and newly brought out styles of music. And every time you face a new battle in life, always remember this quote by my favourite Bruce Lee.


Empty your mind. Be formless – shapeless – like water. 

You put water into a cup – it becomes the cup. 

You put water into a bottle – it becomes the bottle. 

You put it into a teapot – it becomes the teapot. 

Now water can flow or it can crash. 

Be water – my friend.


He seems to be one of the very few artists to actually have a dedicated fandom of his own and he frequently enjoys replying to his fans. Don’t forget to follow him on Instagram


Here’s a little secret for you gorgeous readers – BABA (The Doorbeen) has some projects launching this 2021, so race your feet and await some mind-blowing hits this year. 


Sahil Sachdeva is the CEO of Level Up Clout, a Personal Branding agency. He creates elite personal brands through social media growth and press features. Sahil is a competent self reliant entrepreneur who earlier has been associated with many technical accomplishments and has numerous patents on his name. This young owner holds a long and proud catalogue of gratified clients including some major Bollywood celebrities. He is immensely passionate about music and wants to sell out arenas.

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