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Silpa Prasanth is a writer and a dream chaser , she is 25 years old girl hailing from Thrissur ,Kerala who show her creativity in the form of words. She wrote many poems in different languages such as in Malayalam and other 7 languages.
She is recognized as a lyricist cum poet from indian talent directory and she is also titled as “Shining Star of India”. She is recognised in world records from Genius Book of World Records & also with Forever star book of World records with a title of “Youngest Multilingual Poetess of India”.
Her poems are mainly highlighted on the theme “FANTASY” .
She says “Fantasy brings love towards our bottom of heart”.
She was awarded with the title of “Rajeev Gandhi National Excellence Award” for the best radio anchor.

From the childhood days itself , She is interested to learn other foreign languages.

At the age of 9 , she started to capture the fantasy inside the stories and opted for many books.
Then She build interest in writing poetries.

Mostly She wrote malayalam poetries in a hard languages. Her poems are published in many books under NGN publications. She learned many languages deeply. She worked for the book titled “Trancedental” .
She says that the real poetry comes from the deep thoughts of imagination.

She is also awarded with Indian Diva’s Award for excellence in writings.
She is also awarded for limelight award for best young author by The Opus Coliseum.
She is also recognised as Super Women Award for best writer by Forever Star of India.

Also, She got nominated for Humanitarian excellence award and Bharathiya youth icon Award and also got featured in Diva planet magazine on the cover page of July Edition 2021.

She says that use the brain power for rethinking the best and create your destiny.

Name: Silpa prasanth
Email: [email protected]

I've always had a knack for storytelling! Hi there, I'm Sachin Kumar Meena. I'm an Entrepreneur, Digital Marketing expert, a copywriter and, a blogger.

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