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Be A Top Player In The Social Media Industry With A Whitelabel Nextdoor Clone App

Nextdoor Clone

Almost everyone around the world is a part of any one of the social media platforms. The social media sector has joined the list of most profitable industries over the past few years. People use these platforms to connect with their friends, friends of friends, and family instantly. But, do they really get to know the people who are in their vicinity or neighborhood? If you are an avid business person, then you would have heard all about app like Nextdoor that was launched a few years back. It is an efficient platform that helps people connect with their neighbors in their locality. The app provides limited locality access to its users. This will help users connect with their close neighbors effectively.

An app like Nextdoor – Why is it a profitable investment?

The social media platforms not only allow users to connect, but it also enables the exchange of goods, party invites, etc., between registered users. Users will receive quick information on goods or products that are available, parties in their neighborhood, deals of the day, and more. Launching one such hyperlocal Nextdoor clone app in your geographical region will help you generate high revenue via multiple revenue streams.

Innovative features of a video messaging app like Nextdoor:

When building a hyperlocal social media app, you should include a set of necessary features that will offer an easy to use experience for your end-users. A few such attributes are listed here:

Quick registration:

Make sure your users are able to get on board with your app by specifying the necessary information such as name, age, phone number, etc. a quick sign up process will attract more customers.

Profile preferences:

Users should be able to build a profile and modify the settings as per their preferences. This will provide them with a personalized app experience.


Users must be able to recommend or suggest any products or deals to other users in their locality via the app. This way, every user can benefit from the app.

Instant notices:

Allow your users to upload any notices with information regarding parties, sale, etc., to the app. Announcements about any information in the vicinity can be added to the app.

Upload invitations:

Users should be allowed to add their customized party or event invites to the app instantly. They must also be able to add the schedule of the event along with the invite.

Social media account integration:

You have to make sure that your users are able to integrate their social media accounts into the app. This can also be considered as a registration option.

Map integration:

Ensure that you include a detailed map of your locality to the app. Users must be able to navigate easily and find any shop or venue instantly.

Virtual meetings:

The app should have the facility to connect the registered users in the locality for a virtual meeting. Make sure that the video-conference feature allows users to add multiple participants to the meeting or session.


Users should have a set of tools and options to navigate through the app and view the complete list of interactions quickly.

Post sharing:

Users must be able to share any information or announcements posted by other users effortlessly.

Privacy control:

The app should comprise a page for privacy settings where users can choose as to who should and should not view their profile on the Nextdoor clone app.

In-app chat facility:

The social media app should have a chat feature to allow users to communicate with each other instantly. Ensure that you include the group chat option to the app as well.


Any association should be allowed to send information or updates to all the registered users via push notifications and text messages.

New arrival:

Vendors or shop owners can register with the app and add the newly launched products or services to the app. Users must be notified about the same.


Shop owners should be able to proffer daily deals, discounts, and offers to the users of the app effortlessly.

Schedule meetings:

Users must be able to schedule meetings or appointments via your app by specifying the essential details such as date, time, etc.

The revenue model of the Nextdoor clone app:

There are three major revenue streams via which you can yield profit. Discuss with your developers in detail about the models and include it in your app.

The advertising model:

Advertising is one of the vital sources of revenue that you can include in your video messaging app. You can enter into a partnership with other brand owners and allow them to host their ads on your platform. You can receive a fixed advertising fee for displaying ads for a limited time period. They can renew the partnership if required.

The subscription model:

You can offer multiple membership packages to your users with a fixed fee for each package. Users can choose a suitable package of their choice and subscribe to it by paying the subscription fee using any one of the payment gateways. After the validity of the subscription expires, users can renew it by paying the fixed charges again.

The campaigns and fundraisers model:

As the admin, you can run campaigns and raise funds via the social media app. Users will donate money when holding campaigns. This will also be one of the sources of revenue when launching a video messaging app.

Final note:

Features and revenue are the most crucial elements when launching a Nextdoor clone app in the industry. With the data given above, you can get a complete overview of what attributes to be included and how you generate revenue. Find the best app development firm in the market and build your app with their experienced team. Ensure that they are flexible enough to offer additional services when needed. Frame a development plan under your budget. With the experts and launch your app on multiple app stores successfully.

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