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Meet Avni Gandotra – A Beauty Influencer Building A Brand Across Jammu

This young entrepreneur serves as a positive example to other girls to take up a career of their choice.

If you live in & around Jammu, you know whom we are talking about today. Avni Gandotra eats, sleeps & repeats everything to do with makeup & beauty. If you happen to check her social media handles, you will know what we mean & why we say this. It is her love for her work that has brought her this far in her career & she seems to not stop at any point in life right now because with her talent & skills she is on a journey upwards to reach the zenith of the beauty industry & make a name in India & the world.

It was her friends in college that helped her realize her dream & encouraged her to consider becoming a makeup artist seriously. The way she used to style her friends in college fests & the appreciation she received for the same, she knew she is born to do this. So she chose makeup & the beauty industry over an Architecture course she studied from Amity University, Noida. An architect soon turned into a makeup artist after graduating & by learning the art from the renowned makeup artist from Delhi, Meenakshi Dutt.

Avni Gandotra with her knowledge & expertise gained from Dutt opened up her own salon in Jammu called ‘The Trends Inn Unisex Salon’. This salon has become quite famous as a favorite spot for many beauty lovers today. This dream became a reality with an equal effort given by Avni’s brother Amber Gandotra. He is also a successful businessman managing not only the salon business with Avni but also looking after other ventures like cafes, restaurants, digital marketing firms, etc.

There are few things that Avni urges other ambitious girls to focus on to become a successful makeup artist & beauty expert.

  • Keep practicing: Practice till you feel you have got perfect, and then practice again. Every time you practice something, you learn a new thing each time, explains Avni. Just like she did a lot of work & practice during her college days, it was there that Avni grew more as a makeup artist.
  • Get trained under an expert: Your passion alone may or may not help you become a successful salon entrepreneur or a makeup artist. You must get formal training under an expert who has had rich experience in the industry like Dutt, who guided Avni in her journey. This not only made her a certified makeup artist but also helped grow her knowledge which she later applied in her business.
  • Market yourself the right way: Creating social media handles for your business or your work is the best thing a person can do to grow their business today. The more you post updates about your work on social media, the faster it reaches your prospective clients. Make optimum use of the media most accurately to reach more & more people.

You can Follow Avni Gandotra on Instagram @avnigandotramakeovers

Talking about the online world & the perks it offers to many in the business, Avni also wishes to become a beauty blogger soon as she is well aware of the advantages it can bring to her business. However, right now, she wants to focus on further developing her salon business as she has created it from scratch & wants to see her business flourish more.

Karishhma Mago is a former investment banker turned digital marketer. She has been in the digital marketing industry for over 6 years and has worked with clients across different sectors including Volkswagen Finance, Natera, Reliance, Standard Chartered amongst others. She has also done special content projects for Facebook. Karishhma is also a Wikipedia editor and has created over 300 pages for her clients. After founding Facilius Inc in 2014, she has helped grow the company from a two-person team to a dynamic team of 30 people.

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