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Authentic, Handcrafted and Sustainable clothing by Meghna Panchmatia

Meghna Panchmatia

Meghna Panchmatia is an eponymous label that has confidence in advancing a maintainable way of life through design. The designs here are ageless with comfortable silhouettes and ameliorating textures zeroing in on the modern women of today.

The label can be characterized by the utilization of normal and high-quality materials like dupion silks, Chanderis and natural cotton, having a solid accentuation on development, handcraft abilities and contemporary styling.

Meghna was a garment manufacturing technologist which can be more related to Industrial pattern making and has been in this industry for a very long time.

Being a NIFTian, she was constantly determined towards design and fabrics. Established in 2015, the fundamental explanation due to which this label was formed is was during those occasions, the market generally took into account the small-sized or model-like figures and there weren’t a lot of focus which were stylish to customary body types. 7-8 years back, when she just got going with her brand, there was a lot of spotlight on shadings and various sorts of coloring. She began with hand mixing and mixed 7-8 common tones. Today, she has 35+ shades in her ageless assortment.

At first, when she had gotten going with her brand, it was somewhat troublesome as individuals were not a lot intrigued by regular textures or knew much about tints and color blending. Notwithstanding, with time ladies bit by bit turned out to be more mindful and perceived the immortal and moderate designs.

The brand fundamentally centers around ladies who have a worldwide comprehension of design. You can discover many stunning superstars wearing their clothing too like Sujata Bajaj, Meghna Gulzar, Barkha Dutt, Delnaz Irani, Latika Nath, Ritu Kumar and some more!

The present ladies are modern by thoughts, they love the style and they gradually have begun cherishing her assortments and which soon turned into her regulars. The styles in her assortment are exemplary and the uniqueness of each article of clothing is unmistakably noticeable once you experience her assortments. As the tones are made as need be, you will not get a similar tone or some sort of an outfit made the subsequent time.

The brand entails to the current lady who is global, solid and has a profound comprehension of textures, textile, materials and furthermore somebody who doesn’t stop for a second to express her real thoughts. The assortments and each outfit represent you as an individual and adds an alternate air to your character.

One of her most praised assortment is the ombre-dyeing assortment which is adored by her clients and is likewise one of her top-selling assortment. The designs of the article of clothing is moderate, the cuts are lopsided fit as a fiddle, the utilization of intriguing and punchy shadings to bring our the natural feeling of stylish panache is truly mesmerizing.

Her undertaking has consistently been to make an assortment that takes into account the ones who are exploratory and progressive. Colour is quite possibly the most recognizable component in a dress and Meghna needed to bring these brilliant, rich tones to life through her designs.

Her primary focus was that the clothes ought to be flexible to wear, the styling ought to be easy accordingly causing the cutting edge ladies to feel certain about her outfit. The style articulation is simple streaming and suits all body types. The tones and the craftsmanship is perfectly done in this way bringing those stunning, idealistic tones to life.

The brand is the work of affection with strings of changing tones and surfaces, the craftsmen and their flawless craftsmanship. With sprinkling brilliant tones and bringing a novel and rich experience more than ever, the attire range from Meghna Panchmatia will undoubtedly add to your style articulation.

A large portion of her assortments has an extraordinary similarity with things around her. A portion of her assortments is motivated by the characteristic shades of the earth, some from emeralds and ruby. One of the major USPs of the brand is they have confidence in “Repeat Value”.

“Clothes should be an investment where the preference ought to be given to quality and not quantity” cites Meghna.

The apparel in her collection starts from just Rs 8500/- consequently holding the reasonableness remainder under wraps and furthermore giving the best quality simultaneously.

Do have a look at their website and Instagram to order your top picks from their assortment.

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