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Arhaan Shaikh Introduces Business Card For The Digital Age!

Mr. Arhaan Shaikh

Recently launched Brand Card is a pioneer start-up in the business networking field. The whole concept of Brand Card revolves around revolutionising business networking with a unique digital card which speaks about you and your brand. This is an online digital card, with innumerable customizations and all in one pdf-based microsite representing your brand. Brand Card has won the award for ‘THE BEST EMERGING PRODUCT OF THE YEAR 2020′

Great Network Leader, Mr. Arhaan Shaikh launches a technologically driven innovative digital card which defines every individual business across the globe. Academically an engineer and a digital marketer by profession, he has always been enthusiastic when it’s all about developing new start-up ideas which benefit not only the customer but society as a whole.

His keen interest in the online and digital world has led him to follow the passion of opening up his own digital agency. He has always been multi-talented when it comes to achieving great results professionally. Post his 12th grade, He has launched 5 start-ups in just 10 years span of time.





                       BRAND CARD





During the novel coronavirus pandemic, when all the businesses were going through tough times, and shutting down, that is when he came up with this idea to help the SME’s reach their target audience and network with valuable clients digitally. Arhaan saw this pandemic as an opportunity and beginning of a new era: The Digital Age. Everything is online in today’s world, right from businesses to meetings and to networking, whatever we do is digital. It is hence imperative that our networking be contactless and easy.










Thus, to make networking safe in the post covid-19 world, Arhaan envisioned a digital business card called The Brand Card. It is the smart way of networking. Brand Card works as a clever marketing tool by driving traffic to your website, social media and key company links in just one click. Customise your company template to include images, links to whitepapers and industry reports. Plus, this has been integrated with your backend in software that we provide so your main database is kept up-to-date with new prospects every day.

Brand Card aims at providing exquisite digital business cards that can be shared with innumerable people infinite number of times, from Anywhere, Anytime. His goal is to make cost effective business cards that can make networking easier and provide direct links to the contact details of the respective individual.

Despite pandemic, brand card is helping digital conferences come alive and people network online with contactless digital card. Arhaan’s key to success is persistency and inculcating new things in his everyday life and business. With great leadership and management skills, He never fails to make his clients and employees happy and satisfied with the desired results.

He always believes in smart work and for him every day is a new learning.


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Mr Arhaan Shaikh – Founder : Brand Card.



Entrepreneur, media junkie and most importantly a creative enthusiast who is always hungry for more. Writing, editing and expressing in words is an art that comes naturally. Editor in chief : Okbronetwork.

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