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Arezou: India’s first personalized skincare brand!


“Arezou” is a Persian word that implies a wish or want. As a brand, that is a big motivator for Arezou. They plan to figure items that is desired by your skin.

Established by Ishita Saxena, who was slanted towards healthy skin items and beauty care products since an early age when her peers were developing interest in shopping, garments and so on. Everything began with her grandma who had wonderful glowing skin and when gotten some information about the mystery behind it, she said: “Everything comes from the kitchen”. Her grandma encouraged her to unveil the mystery that kitchen fixings hold and it further supported to her advantage.

Ishita went on to become a computer engineer and finished her MBA, yet throughout the long term, she generally saw that individuals needed legitimate skincare choices through common methods. She was somebody who had confidence in fixings that came from nature and are utilized in the kitchen and accepts that off-the-rack things must be compelling and new for brief periods except if added with synthetic-based additives. Likewise, a large portion of the rack items come in plastic containers which pollutes the climate further.

Another perception was that since each individual’s skin is one of a kind, so is their way of life and the climate they live in. With such variety in their life, their skin sensitivities/concerns would be novel as well. To address these diverse skin concerns, they have off-the-rack skincare items which don’t really settle the real issue that the individual is encountering.

“Studying Computer engineering and being an MBA graduate gave me an IT mind and a business intuition. My energy for skincare drove me to get accreditations in soap making, aromatherapy, natural skincare oils” cites Ishita.

Likewise, when she turned into a mother, common and safe items turned into a necessary piece of her life.

Ishita is India’s only certified soapmaker from Handcrafted Soap and Cosmetic Guild, USA. She has likewise finished ab aromatherapy course from Isla Verde Spa Foundation in Australia alongside a certificate in natural oils for skincare.

Having these things added to her repertoire, she chose to dispatch a brand that would address the gaps that she felt were there on the lookout. In her undertaking to give modified common skincare to her customers, Ishita quit her place of employment and launched “Arezou”, a brand that handcrafts new items for customers according to their skin character and objectives utilizing natural ingredients.

Ishita has done extensive research in the space of characteristic skincare and she accepts that with her endeavors and information, she will soon be able to build a community where individuals will get viable skin care for their remarkable skin characters without polluting the climate.

At Arezou, they accept every skincare custom is pretty much as extraordinary and distinctive as the individual after it. They additionally urge you to tune in to the signs given by your skin. The best healthy skin decision is the one that suits you.

Their customized cycle is remarkable for every individual, which implies that the Arezou items will be finely custom-made according to your exceptional skin character, you should simply respond to a couple of basic inquiries and mention to them what your skincare objectives are!

In view of broad examination, the group at Arezou has made a couple of inquiries to comprehend your way of life and skin character consequently assisting them with understanding the establishment of your skin concerns. In light of your answers and a customized conversation with a skin expert, Arezou gives a total skincare evaluation which is utilized to plan and make items without any preparation, consequently assembling a total skincare custom that is most appropriate according to your skin type.

The rituals can be extensively grouped into 3 kinds:

• Face rituals: Facial Cleaning agent, Face Oil

• Body rituals: Body Bar, Body Oil, Hand Oil, Foot Oil

• Men’s rituals: Shaving Soap, Face Oil

Their item range is negligible yet effective. Additionally, the extraordinarily defined and customized skincare custom is loaded with normal, ground-breaking fixings that are natural, sans gluten, veggie lover and are liberated from sulfates, parabens, petrochemicals or any sort of poisonous synthetics. They are a feasible, eco-friendly brand where the bundling is additionally plastic-free.

Anyway, what are you hanging tight for?

Connect for your customized skin consultation today. You can make a beeline for their website or their social media handles (i.e Facebook and Instagram) to get your counseling session booked.

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