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Aramy Realty eyes on affordable housing scheme.

Mumbai : Aramy’s real estate unit Aramy Realty is looking to build and provide affordable homes with plans to expand its portfolio and residential development plan on acres of sq. ft over the next years, said Mr.Deepesh Sawant an Executive Director.

Aramy’s move to explore opportunities in the segment also comes at a time when several of its top competitors such as DB Realty, Oberoi Realty, Lodha Group are either entering or focusing on mid-income or higher income housing where as Aramy Realty approach is to provide affordable housing with premium living.

Established in 2019, which as Head office at Oberoi International Business Park, Goregaon, Mumbai. Aramy Realty is set to complete projects covering acres of sq. ft. Among them most of the projects will be focusing on affordable pricing. Steered by Amey, Aramy Realty has developed a strong foothold across Mumbai and also established a series of milestone. Aramy Realty believes there is only one way to ear customer loyalty and that is through providing affordable housing projects. Aramy Realty has been working with many reputed developers like Vjay Group, Parinee Realty, Sai Construction and many. Company has a great marketing team which is lead by Deepesh an Executive Director. Aramy Realty has few projects at Mumbai, Khopoli, Wada, Dhanu & Boisar.

”The market landscape is changing fast. There is clearly a growth that we see in the affordable housing market. This is one of the areas that we would like to explore. If this is important to the customer, then we think Aramy would like to participate and play a key role in this segment, said Mr. Amey K. Kadam, Founder & Managing Director, in an interview.

Mr. Kundan D. Kadam, an Senior Director said a large chunk of deals in the residential segment is happening in affordable housing, which offers a huge opportunity for developers. Apartments costing less than ₹30-₹50 lakh comprised 50-60% of total sales in cities according to property advisory. As per the Goods and Services Tax (GST) Council, under-construction homes priced at up to ₹45 lakh are categorised as “Affordable”. As per carpet area, homes of up to 323 sq. ft in metros and 646 sq. ft in non-metros are defined as affordable. Aramy Realty is also working with Pradhan Mantri Awas Yojana for providing affordable housing at multiple location, He added.

Mr. Kundan D. Kadam also said company is looking forward to provide affordable homes in Mumbai and nearby. He, however did not provide details on the location but said, “For us when we say affordable housing, this is not an isolated space of location. We are also looking for connectivity, schools, hospitals and other essential services. What we are looking at is an option to house different segments of the consumer in the city. As our main focus is to provide affordable living and a home for every individual and we wouldn’t dilute it just to enter into a segment. Mr. Kundan Kadam has over 25+ years of experience in real estate development sector is an expert in tackling all the situations and that’s the reason why he has been able to build good relation in the real estate industry with his strong skills.


IN-SHORT Aramy Realty (The Executives) :

Deepesh Sawant – Director at Aramy Realty, Mumbai.

Mr. Deepesh Sawant is the Co-founder & Executive Director of Aramy Realty he’s innovative approach has helped the business foray into several fruitful ventures. He has also been key to shaping the Marketing. He is passionate about technological innovations & strives to improve the customer experience at every stage.

Sawant’s vision 2020 endeavours to provide the best real estate products to our customers – be it residences, offices or malls. Each product, from high-tech offices, to affordable homes, to ultra luxurious residences, Mr Deepesh Sawant is sure to cater to a multitude of customers with varying requirements.

Connect with Deepesh Sawant :


Amey Kadam : Managing Director & Founder of Aramy Realty, Mumbai.

A Masters In MBA, Mr. Amey Kundan Kadam is the Founder and has been on the Board of Directors since the inception of Aramy Realty. He brings on board his unique vision, management practices and global approach to the function, expansion, diversification and management of the organisation.

He spearheads business development & land acquisition, designing & liaising and manages the day-to-day affairs of the Company. As an integral part of the key management, he manages a portfolio spanning across Residential, Office Space, Retail, Hospitality and Social Infrastructure projects. With a passion for design, he gets involved in every project and envisions it as if he were to personally use it.

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