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Anthony Santiago – Dropped out of Med School to Become an Influencer

Anthony Santiago is an Instagram marketing expert and influencer. Anthony started at Rutgers as a pre-med student. He in trying to create an outlet for his passion for art created @Art_Daily and grew it to over a million followers. After graduating in 2017 from Rutgers University he got an opportunity to help Gary Vaynerchuk grow his personal Instagram account and Instagram media network. After working there for 8 months, Anthony decided it was time to pursue being an entrepreneur and take on social media marketing full time. He now makes a majority of his income through Instagram marketing campaigns, consulting, and account growth/management. His personal brand LLC is Against The Standard and he is also a co-founder of a start up media company, Stop Scrolling Media. His Instagram network totals over 6 million followers and he manages another 6 million followers for various account owners in niches such as art, fitness, food and more.

Founder & Editor-In-Chief of Disrupt Magazine Tony Delgado, is a Puerto Rican American software developer, businessman, activist and philanthropist. Delgado is also the host of the Disrupt Podcast where he interviews the most disruptive business owners, leaders and change makers in the world. Tony Delgado is best known as the founder, and chief executive officer of The Disrupt Foundation, a social impact movement to grow Puerto Rico’s technology ecosystem and host of the semi-annual Disrupt Puerto Rico Conference. Tony Delgado has also helped mentor thousands of students, create financial freedom, all from the comfort of his home in San Juan, Puerto Rico.


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