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Ansh Kohli: A Phenomenally Creative Soul who is a “Nightlife Entrepreneur”

Ansh Kohli

Celebrations and partying have become regular events and activities in the lives of the young generation. It is no surprise that many clubs and lounges have opened up in various cities of India and continue to thrive because of the public’s seemingly unquenchable thirst for music, dance and fun. With so many options, people certainly favour clubbing options which give utmost safety and security to the crowd present.

Ansh Kohli is a young entrepreneur who is involved in creating and organizing events and celebrations which characterize quality, solid sound systems, great DJs, adequate age bars for alcohol and personal security. He is the founder of a brand called INFAMOUS which organizes the biggest and most successful nighttime events and parties in the city of Delhi. INFAMOUS has become so popular that many recognized artists, bands and musicians in the country and the world have collaborated with the brand and worked with the team on numerous concerts and events.

In a personal informal discussion with Ansh Kohli, he was asked to talk about why and how INFAMOUS achieved the kind of success that it has. He replied, “When the brand of INFAMOUS was launched, my team and I very well knew that to become the best in town, we had to be in absolutely alignment with the ever-changing preferences of the youth of the country. For this, we quickly opened social media pages for INFAMOUS and started doing little things like Instagram story polls. These small steps have led us to be a brand which is one hundred percent dedicated and committed to the fun, celebrations and safety of everyone who attends our events and parties. It took an immense amount of effort to build the kind of credibility that we have in today’s date.”

Through INFAMOUS (@infamouslive), Ansh Kohli holds and organizes a majority of events in the very famous Key Nightclub in New Delhi. Situated in Chanakyapuri, the club is a hotspot for live entertainment and big music events in the city. Very recently in January, a Hip Hop event in the Key Nightclub was themed and organized by INFAMOUS. The event was a huge success and satisfied the Hip Hop fandom in the city.

Just like this, INFAMOUS keeps creating and developing themed events which are not only different but also a class apart from the other regular nighttime events and parties in the city. The brand is especially celebrated for its consistent support to local artists and musicians looking to make a mark in the industry.


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