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How An Entrepreneur Built A Multi-Million-Dollar Business By Teaching Trading 101

Many of us aspire to break free from all financial difficulties that restrain our lives. The general population must contend with paying house mortgage, car payment, and utility bills regularly, which make us bleed financially. Financial difficulties are facts of life that most of us must deal with daily.

Statistics have shown that much of the wealthiest people in the world or the so-called billionaires are self-made. Most of the billionaires started with a minimal amount in their pocket, but somehow, they find a way to rise above everybody else. How did they achieve financial freedom? The quick answer is either they started a business, or they do trading. And leading trade psychology expert Anmol Singh knows very well how to achieve financial freedom through trading. “Trading is a unique and special kind of business that allows you to work anywhere as long as you have an internet connection. I always associate trading with flexibility and freedom that lets you work within your time and lifestyle,” Singh said.

Knowing Anmol Singh 

Singh started trading in the financial markets while he was still studying in college. His early venture to trading was unsuccessful. Yet, he continued to do trading until he discovered a pattern that allowed him to become a profitable trader. 

Singh never had an official job, but he made a name as a high paid consultant in the trading and investing industry. Singh has spent more than a decade as a professional trader. He earned recognition as the leading expert in trading psychology after helping a large number of traders worldwide to deal with behavioral issues and issues associated with high stakes trading. Ever since Singh has been a very successful trader. 

Quite noteworthy, he became a millionaire before turning 25 years old and hit the multi-millionaire status when he was about 30 years old. He attained financial freedom early in his life despite never having been employed in a corporate job. With all his success in trading, Singh found a new mission in life. “I want to help others gain financial freedom by guiding them on how to earn through trading and investing,” Singh stated. In 2015, Singh co-founded LiveTraders to coach traders on the tricks and techniques in trading. 

Helping Aspiring Traders

Singh explained that LiveTraders was established due to the passion of two professional traders who wanted to make a difference in the world by giving a lending hand to aspiring traders. “We want aspiring traders to become great,” Singh said. He continued that at LiveTraders, they provide a variety of techniques and strategies that match the aspiring traders. “I always tell aspiring traders that trading is not for someone with a faint heart. There will be challenges, but a handsome reward awaits those who are patient and hard-working,” Singh iterated.

Singh shared that they want aspiring traders to see them witness how trades are carried out and how to manage the different kinds of scenarios in the stock market. “We show them how to handle the emotional ride that they can experience while trading,” Singh said.

For three consecutive years, LiveTraders earned the number one spot among trading education firms. Singh noted that they have trained and coached more than 1,000 traders and investors. “Some of them are now running their hedge funds,” Singh added. 

Prepping For Success

In 2018, Singh published a book titled, Prepping For Success: 10 Keys for Making it in Life. Singh explained that the book is not about trading or investing but about how to be successful in life. It is more of a guidebook that teaches individuals about the principles they need to attain real success.

Singh said that the book offers its readers the ten keys to create the best version of themselves. “I can say that it is an inspirational book that will help readers put their plans into action,” he added. About 10,000 copies of the book were sold worldwide. 

Singh explained that he wants to share with the readers the primary concepts that helped him in his life and made him a better and productive individual. “I am hoping that when readers adopt the key concepts, it will make their lives much easier,” he emphasized.

Final Thoughts

Singh remains an avid stock market and forex trader. He spent his working days with his students in LiveTraders. Singh has been featured on Reuters, Benzinga, and Yahoo Finance, and appeared on various radio shows and podcasts. Singh urged individuals to start their journey towards financial freedom with the help of LiveTraders. “We are ready to help you achieve your dream. The LiveTraders’ team has the experience and skills to guide you to master the craft of trading.  We also have the platform that can present what profitable trading looks like,” stated Singh.


If you want to discover a better way to trade, visit their website at or drop Singh a message at [email protected]

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