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ANMOL GUPTA: The Path Maker Of Young Generation

There’s so much you can achieve in life only if you are consistent and hardworking. And so is the story of Anmol Gupta. Meet the young budding singer, actor, and model who is working crazy with his passions.

Anmol Gupta has completed his education at The Lawrence School, Sanawar, Himachal Pradesh. From the very beginning of his childhood, he was firmly devoted to his hobbies and so his passion grew with time.

Today, with his talent, he is doing an impressive job at just a small age. He proved that your age doesn’t matter if you have real talent and passion for it.

Anmol Gupta is not just a talented singer, actor, and model but is also a proud owner of Record Label Crazy Lamhe Plug-in. What’s unique is that, through Crazy Lamhe Plugin, he has pledged to donate 20% revenue to charity and NGOs. This step is itself a great initiative of a young mind to help society.

After the successful business venture, acting, and singing career he has been very active in social media and CEO so are his admirers. He frequently updates his fans about his whereabouts and keeps on updating them with regular pictures.

He has also done many brand collaborations and has participated in modeling programs successfully. His great modeling talent has made him the favorite among various producers and directors.

He is quite active in social media and has taken advantage of the digital world. His talent and passion have made him a young influencer. He is currently referred to as the ‘Youngest Indian influencer’, and he has 3 million fams on TikTok. Also, he has more than 200 K followers on Instagram.

 Rightly quoted that,

“Sometimes when you’re given hurdles, it makes you more creative in the end”. Anmol Gupta has faced many challenges and difficulties on his way to success. But what kept him going through the troubles was his strength and belief in himself.

He pushed himself out of his comfort zone and tried harder and harder with each passing day. He firmly believes that the dream turns to reality only when you work for it with determination, sweat, and hard work.

He takes problems as challenges and works on accomplishing them. His strong and determined attitude is the reason he dealt with so many problems easily.

Anmol Gupta, being the CEO of independent record label Crazy Lamhe Plugin, is fully dedicating his time and strength, and hard work towards growing it.

He wishes to promote new talents who are working in this field through his good connections with big producers and directors of the industry. He is fully supportive of their aptitude and wants to nurture them so that they may grow their talent.

He truly sets an example for the younger generation that you can achieve everything in your life if you have the guts to chase your dream with hard work and consistency.

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