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An Inspiriting Story of An Actor, Independent Artist and Entrepreneur: Jman Richards

Jman Richards

For our readers, please give us a brief introduction about yourself?

My name is Jman also known by my artist name as JmanFhya, and I am an independent artist, professional actor, entrepreneur, and investor based out of Toronto, Canada.

How did entrepreneurship come into your life and what has that journey been like for you?

My journey of entrepreneurship began when I was 18. Being that I went from high school straight into the work field. At the time I decided to quit my full-time job working in the corporate space for a big bank. To pursue my dream of working from a laptop with an internet connection. Over the course of that time, I got really in-depth into networking with highly successful investors/traders and business-minded individuals all over Canada and the united states. Which down the line lead me to pursue my actual passions for the arts, music.

If you were to describe your entertainment/artist journey in just 3 words, what would they be?

Tap Into Soul.

Looking back, what’s one thing you wish you understood better before you ever got into the entrepreneurship/artist world?

Looking back the one thing I think about that I wished I understood sooner is “Education before Compensation”. Whether that be in regards to business adventures or artist or music creation and development. I think many people that look at the luxurious side of entrepreneurship don’t understand or take the time to realize that education comes before the money does. If you want to make serious money in your field and move to the top percentage of people who are actually making an impact and shaping their industry. You have to study and focus on the mastery of the actual process before really gaining traction and potential compensation in whatever you are doing. Sometimes you might have to do a lot of things for free just to get a hold of what the skillsets are actually about and go long periods of time without profit or earnings.

Are there any current projects you’re working on that you want to share with us?

Currently, I’m working on about 3-4 businesses that are all producing income here and there and also getting 1-2 of the actual daily businesses that I focus on every day incorporated. In regards to music, I’m working on dropping a couple more singles and maybe an album or 2 out of the 2500 songs, I have in my heavy catalog.

What were the biggest challenges you have faced in your journey and how did you overcome them?

Some of the biggest challenges I’ve faced in my journey I believe revolve around the discipline of everything. In my experience, I realized that discipline is a key factor in regards to music and also business and the business of music because if I don’t have that discipline? Nobody is going to have it for me. If I don’t do what needs to be done on my part. I really cant entrust nobody else to take my visions and ventures seriously. So now I’ve overcome challenges and push myself to greater limits every time was I made sure to always write my goals and thoughts down. This moves everything from the wishful thinking phase. To actual manifestation. Then on top of that, I make sure to stay consistent regardless of how I feel on any given day. Because feelings are temporary and change often, but targets and objectives? And discipline is forever.

What keeps you going when things get tough?

When things get tough there is a certain thought process I hold on to. A business colleague once blessed me with the knowledge of what he calls the 5 pillars. The 5 pillars are almost like 5 really strong reasons why no matter what happens I have to come out as the best and achieve the most optimal results for growth and achievement for myself. For everyone, the pillars vary but 2 solid pillars could be family or loved ones and the aspect of death. In regards to the last one, this pillar basically means I must have that positive attitude towards life every day upon waking up because as long as there is breath and as long as I wake another day, that is another opportunity for me to be the greatest beyond comprehension

What do you see as your greatest success in life?

My greatest success in life is to be my highest and most humble, intelligent self in the current moment. That way I know the people around me and my loved ones and family will benefit highly off of me bringing my best self and my game to the world. Essentially all the rewards that come with me being this version of myself more than anything? Is the people I love experiencing what life is when I do exactly just that.

Thank you so much Jman for taking out time for this Interview with Disrupt. We had a great time learning about your inspirational journey. We wish you all luck for your future endeavors.

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