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How Ali and Shawn Built Principles LLC from the Ground Up and Scaled It To a 6 Figure Business in Less than 8 Months

Ali Haseeb and Shawn Virani are both 26 year old entrepreneurs buzzing with skills, drive, and experience from a variety of industries, over 10 in total. Ali has a vast background in digital marketing, management consulting, and operational systems working with corporate clients and investors with $10 million + in revenue while Shawn is adequately talented in the music, entertainment, and the fashion industries, having founded a record label that yielded over 15 million streams across multiple platforms. With 3 bachelor’s and a master’s degree between them, the two entrepreneurs incorporated their learning mindset with creativity and hard work to build a rockstar team of creatives and talent around the world. 

After just one year of knowing each other and hitting the ground running, Ali and Shawn have already scaled their business to six figures with their creative team, real estate projects, and their new book, Create your Frequency. Along with their Creative Director, Cleinn Caspe and their full-scale branding and consulting agency, Principles Creative has been working with influencers, personal brands, and corporate clients that are focused on creating a brand identity that attracts the right customers. Using the same digital tactics, they have built a real estate wholesaling business named Kinvestments RE with their buddy, Ron Arutyounian handling the California market. They are already ready to tackle several markets this year. I had a chat with the serial entrepreneurs and gathered a wealth of information concerning their vision, how they manage to work at such a fast pace in such a short period of time, and their plans of disrupting the branding and marketing space with their eye-catching visual designs and systems.

Shifting from a fixed mindset to a growth mindset

Just from their introduction, I got the impression that these two gentlemen are extremely growth oriented. They essentially oppose the idea of being comfortable at any point in their lives. At just 26, Ali and Shawn have visited a total of 40 states and 20 countries, all in the search for building a network to spread their wings further. These business trips have yielded not only profitably meaningful partnerships, but also an immense level of client satisfaction and amazing experiences for the duo. 

After putting together a talented team of more than 15 team members and strategic partners loaded with talent, Ali and Shawn have worked together to scale more than 30 businesses and personal brands to new heights. They have achieved this feat thanks to their unique design and automation strategies. When the two came together to create the startup, they went all in investing in themselves and diversifying their talent and portfolio. It helps to keep their minds open to new things as well as constantly sharpening their personal expertise through books, seminars, conferences, and masterminds. This mindset, combined with the fact that they will bring it all back to growing the company makes the grind an easy job for both of them.

Importance of a first impression

Being in the marketing and branding industry, Ali and Shawn always prioritize first impressions. To them, it is one of the prerequisites of landing valuable clients as well as partners.

To be in the best position to represent their brand, they have had to be in top condition both mentally and physically. For this, they have been working on the best nutrition and health practices to incorporate into their fast paced lifestyle. After cracking the puzzle on this, they are always in great mental states to not only grow their businesses but also to help others with the same goals channel their energy to find their passions. With the focused environment they created for themselves, combined with a knack for visual design, their sense of fashion, and overall communication skills; the first impression they create is always memorable. Not to mention their ability to handle big projects and exceed all their clients’ marketing needs keeps their referral pipeline flowing. 

Always learning, always creating..

If you think you’ve read a lot of books, how about in the ballpark of over 500 books? Ali and Shawn are avid readers, having read and reviewed hundreds of books on personal development, marketing, mindset, psychology, and entrepreneurship in general. This growth-oriented thirst of knowledge helps them to keep their learning curve always increasing. Apart from reading, the two are also celebrated writers, having co-authored the book Create Your Frequency. With a simple search, I learned that the book is about Designing a Lifestyle that Creates Ripples in Your Mind, Body, and Business. The book has already made the Amazon Best Seller list in three different categories. It is a comprehensive guide that anyone can pick up and implement a few tweaks into their own lives and see instant results.

In summation, whether you’re just beginning your entrepreneurial journey or on the verge of scaling your business to the next level, these two entrepreneurs, Ali Haseeb and Shawn Virani will help you expand your perception and efficiently execute whatever your mind conceives. Together, Ali and Shawn are building their brands to inspire people to love the process and create a legacy that lasts for generations to come. To connect with the two, check them out on social media or search for their Create Your Frequency podcast online, as they are of real value to any entrepreneurs looking for someone to help them brand themselves and scale their business to the next level.







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