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Alexandra Fasulo, Known as the Freelance Fairy, Launches Photo Trending Map App: EyePop

Although it may seem like an interesting time to be releasing mobile apps related to the world of influencing as COVID-19 keeps hot ticket restaurants, bars, clubs, and public places closed today, one digital entrepreneur is determined to trudge through the challenge. Alexandra Fasulo, known for her six-figure freelance writing empire on platform, quietly released EyePop, a trending photo map app, to the App Store this month. 


Designed to be the “Yelp” of influencing without all of the insufferable user reviews, EyePop opens to a worldwide map that includes pins for: restaurants/bars, public places, and nature spots. These pins tell users that if they physically visit the location, they will be able to capture “Instagram-worthy” content they can post to social media. In essence, it’s an influencer’s dream come true.


Finally, a Hiking App That Works
Since EyePop’s launch, Fasulo has noticed that the app is being used in other ways than originally anticipated. With hiking highlighted on the app and special nature spots that lend themselves to National Geographic-worthy content, users are using EyePop to circumvent coronavirus shutdowns and continue their content aggregation. Fasulo has also been posting hiking guides to EyePop’s online content platform, designed to grow into a catch-all content and news destination in the coming months.


An Influencer Travel Planner

Additionally, beyond the hiking and love affair with nature, Fasulo has noticed users are using EyePop for travel planning. By bookmarking a pin to their profile, users are adding their most desired locations in cities they plan to visit in the coming months. With COVID-19 shutdowns, this is an incredibly convenient way for users to pre-check if a place is open before they physically visit it. 

In order to make the travel app as seamless as possible for users, each pin contains the best photos taken at the location (pulled from Instagram), the address that can be clicked and put into a GPS, the contact information (phone number), and the link to the original Instagram geo-tag if the user wants to see more content taken at that location. 

Presently, EyePop is only available in the App Store, with plans to release an Android version in July 2020. The app hosts both a regular website, as well as a blog where users can learn more about the details related to often-overlooked hikes.

Additionally, EyePop covers New York State, North Carolina, and Palm Springs at this time. The app will be releasing never-before-seen pins for Salt Lake City, Utah in the coming weeks. As the team behind EyePop works to expand the app platform, they are intending to cover the entire world with pins. Following their major New York City launch, Fasulo has stated their next big city highlight will be for Tokyo, Japan.


A Woman in Tech

It’s not common to find a young woman in the world of app development. Conceptualizing the idea and working to put the plan in motion, Fasulo works with one developer in California to make EyePop a reality. When asked about future plans for EyePop, Fasulo stated they are too numerous to mention. 

Fasulo concluded that she loves being a woman in an often male-dominated industry. She is proud to add diversity and a new perspective to technology that can often be highly masculine. As any app user will see upon download EyePop, it was certainly made with women in mind.


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