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Ajay Jaiswal – A Producer and Music Director from Bollywood is supporting & helping new artist’s to showcase there talent

Ajay Jaiswal

Ajay Jaiswal may be a known name within the music industry. he’s a flexible one that isn’t only involved in singing, but also in composing and producing music. Ajay Jaiswal has worked in several regional film industries aside from Bollywood films as was involved in composing songs for various films from the said movie industry. That’s not all, he also worked within the Hollywood industry. Ajay Jaiswal also has his own production house called Algol Films.

Ajay Jaiswal

Under his banner, Ajay Jaiswal delivers different music and song albums coming from different celebrities within the industry. He has signed several projects together with many production houses including Zee Music Company et al. . Besides, he has even worked with different music reality shows like Screen Mentor and conductor for the shows like SaReGaMaPa, Rang Rasiyan, Music Ka Mahamukabala, and Tere Mere Geet to call a couple of. Besides these, he has even worked for several Radio Commercials also.

Ajay Jaiswal

Ajay Jaiswal’s exceptional work has bagged a couple of awards including the FMBAF 2019 award, Global Peace Ambassador 2019 by United Nations, Global Bihar Excellence 2019, and Indian Achievers Award to call a couple of. Besides music and films, Ajay Jaiswal came up with the thought of a digital singing reality show called ‘The Viral Singers’ under his production house during the Pandemic. This helped many talented and young singers and artists a chance to sing and showcase their talents during the tough time. Ajay Jaiswal has also founded his club called Jaiswal Youth Club India and is that the National Convenor for an equivalent. Besides, he’s also the State President BJP Film Division Art & Culture Cell Bihar.


About In-Short Ajay Jaiswal:

Ajay Jaiswal

MR. AJAY JAISWAL, an eminent producer, conductor, and singer who has worked not only with the regional movie industry and B – Town but also composed songs for the Hollywood Industry. Ajay Jaiswal also features a production house of his own namely ‘Algol Films’ which is understood for delivering album songs sung by famous personalities of the industry. Jaiswal has done many projects together with other known music production houses like Zee Music Company.

During the pandemic, his creation house likewise presented a computerized singing unscripted TV drama ‘The Viral Singers’ that gave a stage to numerous gifted individuals to feature their ability during those difficult stretches and be beneficial.

Ajay Jaiswal has left no stone unturned to provide a platform where people can showcase their talent.

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