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How Aishwarya Dange Is Moving Towards Setting An Example & Is A Great Source Of Guidance For Fresh Interior Designers & Landscapers.

Born in Nagpur lived in Pune and Mumbai in a cultural home, she fell in love with urban beauty at a very young age.

In cities where art, design and architecture pace the lives of its citizens have always been hungry for the cultural activities animating these cities , but also sensitive to those visionaries who design the luxury world that contributes to Pune and Mumbai’s international influence. She trained in the fabulous field of interior design and home decor and after a few years of work it was time to explore beyond borders.

Design studies taught her to understand and to communicate ideas, but also never to pigeonhole any projects in the fields of creativity More than ever, we live in a fast-changing world and the design industry needs always be a few steps ahead to secure a beautiful and intelligent environment. Our roles grow with time therefore resilience and adaptability will always win.

Aishwarya Dange

She has always been attracted to DIY (Do it yourself) projects. She says “I feel that including your clients in your design process gives them the sense of achievement in doing their home. And that creating a good impression on your clients is the ultimate way to gain trust and bonding.”

The entrepreneur banks on the tech-savvy, millennial generation who spends more than 200 minutes online every day. She explains, “Youngsters make most of the decisions in families today. They also they tend to refer to online sources mostly. They will see a designer’s work on social media platforms and make choices regarding their houses based on what they see. The designer’s fraternity needs to leverage these platforms and leave digital footprints for others to bank upon.”
As most designers aspire, Aishwarya, too, knew that she would eventually start her own interior designing business. But before that, she had to learn the trick of the trades. In 2019, she started working as a junior designer, and successfully climbed up the professional ladder. “I wanted to learn the trade and see how it works with staff and employees as well. More importantly, one needs to understand the minor details, and I wanted to learn on the job and to be perfect,” she shares.
In the initial months of lockdown when most people were spending more time on social media, she ramped up her online advertisement and started pouring. “I was doubting my designs earlier but this also made me realise I was missing out on reaching the masses,” she says.


Aishwarya Dange

Young adults today, have been exploring home décor ideas, with a newfound love for it. Wallpapers, wall-hangings, lightings, flower-pots, paintings, among others, have gained popularity among people, who like to do their own home interiors. Among them is Aishwarya Dange, who has always been interested in how lighting can grace a space, and uplift a person’s mood, even as a child. Now, years later, the 21-year-old artist-turned-interior designer entrepreneur offers end-to-end lighting consultation and layouts for commercial and residential spaces at affordable prices.

Her design process consists of various stages from “Developing Themes That Define the Users Uniqueness” She understands that a building should be reflective of its inhabitants’ persona and highlight their uniqueness. To achieve this objective, she uses functional objects and artefacts – be it lamps, greenery, mirrors, or sculptures with the intent to customise the inner areas.
” Design development”, schematic drawings including floor plans, elevations, sections are developed with accurate dimensions. Additional details like locations of doors and windows, colour, material, finishes selection, furniture are incorporated. She is well versed with the principle of interior design such as unity and harmony, balance, focal point, rhythm, colour, scale & proportion. In fact, she exceptional blends art and science, intuition and experimentation in applying these principles to fill life into an inanimate setting.

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