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After Fam Mirza changed the world with his last brand we wondered what was next.

From looking at his instagram posts from the last few years it would seem that he has been traveling the world, modeling for brands, car surfing in Dubai, and making hit records in the studio. Credit: @iamFam

Some of these posts are almost inconceivable but they are actual reality, well at least his reality.  “People think we have just been traveling around the world and creating art but the last three years have been much more then that.”  Says Mirza. When asked what exactly that means he states “I have some of the most powerful people in the world in my network.”  

And he’s not wrong with the likes of the most powerful players in the music industry and founders of ten figure companies following him he has access to anything at his fingertips.  

“That is what we built after the brand sell out, the most powerful network one could imagine.” Says Mirza, and by looking at a few of his last posts it seems he has done exactly that.

It must be nice to have nonchalant conversations with TI, talk about goals with J.Cole, and have your tomahawk sliced by Salt Bae but all this comes at a price. A price paid for by a grueling work ethic.


Top Ranking Pepsi Ad in UAE Courtesy: Pepsi Co

“Spend the large amount of your daily minutes on the goal you want to reach.” Says Mirza when asked about how he has been able to build a multitude of brands, invest in 12+ companies, break music artists, all while launching three new brands into the market.  One in particular that many people are looking forward to is the Podwand by ThisCleans, an AirPods cleaning device that Mirza has invented and has a patent on.  

The wand itself is a stick with ear and electronics friendly liquid inside that cleans your AirPods using the foam tips.

He plans to roll this out in gas stations and 7-11 type retailers globally by the end of 2019.

“I find gaps in the market and build to solve those problems for the world.” Says Mirza “Thats how we create most of these products.”

The Mirza Minds pipeline is littered with creative products that are developed with the intention to make our lives easier. Mirza is behind artists that will sonically alter the music industry. Launching these brands aren’t his job, it’s his responsibility, his greater purpose. 

With the launch of these new brands which will surely change the world the future looks much cleaner.


Nathan Ray Ortega is the founder of influencer podcasts. Nathan helps those share their great story, by helping entrepreneurs, authors, influencers, millionaires and many more get on podcasts and tv shows around the world, his passion is to help share the stories of the few to impact the lives of the many. Nathan had to overcome many obstacles during his journey, from having 16 different jobs at age 20 to being homeless and sleeping in a car with his pregnant girlfriend, and even changing in public bathrooms for 2 months, but during that time Nathan stayed motivated and listened to many powerful stories that changed his life for the better. Nathan thanks the power of podcasting for motivating him to push further with every episode of entrepreneurship. ''Life is never a straight road, we have to face unknown obstacles, many emotional experiences, and life-changing habits, to get to where we need to be.'' - Nathan Ray Ortega


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