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Adnan Javid Khan Emerges as Youngest Digital Marketing Entrepreneur of Baramulla Giving Career Lessons to many Youngsters

Adnan Javid Khan

Establishing a business often takes time. As they say, one generation goes in doing so and then the next generation reaps the benefits of it. For any younger soul, it is always a difficult proposition due to studies and lesser knowledge of how things work, what to do and what not but they eventually learn and take over but it has never been a easy task especially when it is a tough time for the people in Kashmir as life has gone haywire for most of them disturbing their family and professional lives.

However, despite all the odds, we have example like Adnan Javid Khan who has embarked upon the internet emerging as the example and a ray of hope for many who are struggling to make their lives stable. He is a youngest internet marketer and digital marketing expert hailing from Baramulla, a town in Jammu and Kashmir. He was born on 5th March 2003 in the same place town he was raised.

Khan was always curious in knowing how things work digitally and in his teenage he got inclined towards the internet and soon got an edge over things like digital marketing and social in media.

adnan javid khan

He embarked with his internet marketing company called ‘Notorious Digital Media’ which was earlier called ‘Block Domain’. He is the founder and the C.E.O of the company and very well known for solely managing it. Being a young digital marketer and entrepreneur, he worked day and night to be a successful internet marketing expert in the market. He managed to defy all challenges coming his way and did a wonderful job in embarking upon the best man.

With expertise and experience in his field, he was able to attract clients all across the world and was able to offer them the best of the Digital marketing solutions.

Keeping quality at par and giving away the best of the affordable digital marketing services, he is able to retain most of his clients. He is known for his innovative solutions backed by value added services to his clients when it comes to digital marketing for their businesses. In other words, he is able to embark upon the global market with quality digital marketing solutions. He drives public relations like no other in the field helping tons of people lost before impractical guidance of people in the same field keeping eyes more on earning rather than helping provide the best for the customers.

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