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Kovid Mittal – advertisment firm KM MEDIA & PRODUCTIONS India’s most sought after venture !


Well the actor has been loved whether on the runway or on the television, but his venture KM Media & Productions is making waves all across. Recently one of the ads directed by Kovid Mittal for electrical brand for diwali has gone viral. Speaking with Kovid Mittal he added i feel every brand whether it’s for mass audience or for very niche clientele it has a story to tell. Story telling is an art and one can only master it if you have been around this field for long time.I have been in this field since 12 years now, production is now at back of my hand now. Making a successful ad that connects with audience on emotional level needs thorough education of the product’s literature and meticulously planned storyboard. The whole challenge lies that ad needs to convey the whole idea in given 20 second and say its main features and stil win audience’s. He has acted in 22 short flims and directed 7 short flims .
Til now all ads I have directed have gone to be loved not just by my clients but also by masses. Its years of experience that had helped me carved this route map.
Making an ad starts from learning the product history and its properties , and time of year it’s about to release, the story board, Recce, lights, casting, post production. Recently winning best entrepreneur award at Hyderabad for my work in media/ad making has really got my firm lot of mileage. Speaking to Kovid Mittal he added his whole principle is that final product delivered should do justice to the product being shown because it takes many years to build that product and I have only 20 second to show its glory. My clients include himalaya babycare, narayana netralya, malabar gold diamonds, goldmedal electricals, TVS bike these are the major player in India today.
My next project is a real life documentary film on mountaineering and we are also filming an adventure script. I recently directed an ad for eye care brand showcasing lenses and its aesthetic appeal. The idea is to jump start the sale of brand via ads or spread brand awareness and that’s where my experience counts in.
KM Media & productions head offices are located in Bangalore and sister chain at Chandigarh.We have recently branched out into record labels as well focussing entirely on talented singers and musicians who need a platform to showcase their work through music videos.

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