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Ankit Shaw turns actor by working in fiction short films. The Journey from Emcee to Actor.


Ankit is a famous tv and live stage Anchor and have hosted thousands of events across the globe and is also chosen as the top name for hosting national level Beauty pageants.
Ankit has been working in short films and have also directed few one of them being “Life of Krishna Raut” a documentary directed and presented by Ankit on real life life story of Internationally famous Boxer Krishna Raut who has won several medals for India and now is a sweeper at howrah.

We artists have to sell ourselves (in my words) consistently because what you show is what you ultimately receive. I believe in showcasing my works larger and Grander and which is what makes you bigger and grandeur. If you want to be an Artist first figure out a Unique Selling Proposition and Market yourself accordingly. I’m a man who goes with the flow no matter what comes my way I can’t plan the future but ultimately Yes I decide a B Plan always. It’s just 2 years into Emceeing Industry I’m planning to grow mostly first and expand my wings with more Content I can deliver. I believe Content, Look, attitude is the 3 most essential elements of a Good Show host. Therefore I’ve few untamed things to accomplish which I’m sure gonna do.

Breaking all Stereotypes he wears even those what’s considers to be a Taboo. Even he wears a “ghagra” to his show therefore personally goes to get his makeover done which most people cannot take like how can a man do makeup? Simply how Ankit Shaw proves that don’t think just do it. Being the most versatile Emcee Ankit Shaw is the first chosen name for big events like corporates and socials / Public shows. He is continuously giving back to the country with his good works and art forms helping out fresh and raw talents to survive too.

Ankit hosts Weddings, Corporates, government based shows and travels places for hosting live events. He is a heart throb and majorly loved for his Fashion knowledge and is considered as India’s to male fashion Influencer. Ankit is also among the most Awarded male Emcee and had achieved alot in a very young age.

At such a young age he gave his Tedx Speech and motivated thousands of Audiences through his hard harsh truth of early years and his struggle. Nothing comes easy – simply how God helps those who help themselves.
Ankit Shaw said-” Learning should always be a habit no matter you are old or young. Everyone has the capacity to do things never thought of or considered Taboo. Yes, I never planned to be a live show Anchor but things happened certainly. Absolute hard work, dedication, and wide Vision are necessary for any Profession.

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