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Achiever of the Year Awardees by Flairs and Glairs


Flairs and Glairs (F&G) is a renowned publication known for providing various range of services under one roof. F&G is not only registered under MSME Act, but also ISO Certified and Trademark Registered. Along with publishing , F&G has 3 sub brands named – “Teekhe Zasbaaat” , “Ink Over Tears” and “The Glittering Fables” which deals with creative and content writing , public speaking activities.

Founded by Shubham Shah on December 23, 2019, F&G was started with a vision to bring opportunities to the doorstep of all. Joined by Ishani Agarwal as co-founder, F&G reached great heights in the field of art, writing, speaking and creativity.

We take pride in Introducing our Awardees who have been Achievers in their field, and have bagged the title of “Achiever of the Year”.
Our Awardees are :
Aastha Shukla
Abhaya K V
Jagriti Pramanik
Jankini Phawa
Ms Goldie Naik
Pratik Premraj Bhala
Siddhi Heliwal
Trina Kanungo

Let us know them a bit more !
Siddhi Heliwal
Spirituality is the essence of her life ever since her childhood. Last year the basic and advance course of pranic healing, in-depth knowledge of mantras and tarot readings gave her the perfect catalyst for her never dying altruistic spirit.

She used all her spiritual energy for solving the common day to day problems along with helping life changing decisions.

Right now she is on the path of completing her PhD degree in Tarot which indeed will be a feather in the cap of her glorious journey at such a young age.

We hope her altruistic path goes till eternity for common welfare of mankind.

Jagriti Pramanik
Few lines about me:-I am a teacher by profession who hails from Bhubaneswar, Odisha. I believe learning is a lifelong process regardless of age and time. With every sunrise, we learn and with every sunset, we are an experienced and skilled soul. I deserve to be an achiever as I have known that achieving something great one needs to start with small steps with great efforts. As I am already into this journey, like every individual this award would turn out to be a stepping stone for me to explore new skills, ideas, and insights. I want to be a writer who could inspire her readers to bottle up their minds and thoughts through their pens oblivious of this judgemental world.

Manjuladevi VS
Manjuladevi V.S. was born in karur, raised up in the Temple city, Madurai, TamilNadu. She did her under graduation in the feild of English literature. At present she is traveling in the path , Student -Teacher , who is aspiring to become Best Teacher in Future. She always thank her Mother Mrs.Selvi and father Mr R.velusamy for their constant support .

The reason to deserve Achiever of year Award 2021:
She has a great dedication and interest in writing poems. As a result, she published 20 anthologies as Co- Author under various topics one of her work selected in OMG record, Vajra World record. She is awarded in opb.motivational award,Jackhi book of world records. She is working for her solo book ,wishes to publish it soon.

Ms Goldie Naik
A diagnostic lab solves the mystery of patient’s distress. Testing thousands of throat swabs and blood samples, continuously sweating in PPE while working with live viruses for a 24 hours, especially when world was engaged in finding cure, was something very challenging. we served as a perfect guide to our doctors during this pandemic. Hence medical lab techs were called as backbone of medical science.whether to admit a patient or not, depended upon that positive and negative report. Behind those ‘detected positive’ stats of country lies the hard-work of lab techs. Being a lab technician,I have been honoured with a title of ‘FRONT LINE WARRIOR’ and that is the biggest achievement that I have ever received from my nation. I’m proud to be a medical lab technician.

Aastha Shukla
At the age of 12 Aastha Shukla (beh_lfz) started writing. She deserves the Award of the Year because Being so younger she was not able to make her talent shine, but as says ” talent cant wait for the time” and she got the place to show it. She took a step ahead for her writing passion and shows her love for her pen in many anthologies. She has a collection of diaries full of her thoughts , poems, quotes etc. The deed in her for writing is gifted in blood from her father who is an amazing writer. Still she is in 12th but her writing is like an elder. Her words has the maturity and her pen has the charm to shine. She always says:
” For a writer , silence is a gift for the words of pen”.

Trina Kanungo
Current pandemic situation has put everyone’s life in utter turmoil. No one is free from agony. Amidst all negativities, I have personally tried to bring smile in the face of the people living in remote areas, where they were merely striving for the nominal standard of living. I have simply backed up a few NGOs and voluntary groups working for this goal. Award for me in real sense, is the tinge of satisfaction on their face, after they received the goods of the basic necessities. I am thankful to God, that He has given me the opportunity to be a part of such groups who are working for humanity by humanity and with humanity.

Abhaya KV
I am Abhaya from Mysore. I am a writer and spiritual speaker. I have started an organization called ‘Ayushya’ for the writers to improve their writing skills and assisted my team members to explore their writings in different platforms.

One of my writing was selected in the Newsletter of Infosys 2020. ‘Ayushya’; organization’s E-magzine was published in Quro application with Quiet number of users appreciation.

During 2012 one of my writing was selected in the seminar held by Satsangh at Sandesh the Price hotel, Mysore. My quotations were published during 2014 at St. Joseph’s college Inter cultural programme, Mysore.

Pratik Premraj Bhala
Creating the world of words, the tagline of the 21 year old Celebrity Author Pratik Premraj Bhala . He is author of shabdo ka safarnama award winning poetry book and recognised as  published Author, published co author, Nationalist Author of India and Member of  International Writer’s community . He had won 24 literature awards and become a literary sensation in the field of writing. He is co author of more than 150 books. He was featured on 3 cover pages of magzines LITVOICE , WUNDERKIND and MAHESHWARI BHUSHAN as celebrity author, literary captain and samaj bhushan respectively. So due to such achievements in short span he deserves the achiever of year award.

Jankini Phawa
Jankini Phawa is a schoolgirl of sixteen years. She is the fourth daughter of Someriya Phawa and Phad Dkhar. Jankini had contributed as the Co-author in an anthology named ‘The Starry Night’ which was published by Flairs and Glairs publication. Her first book CHALLENGES WITH THE TRUTH is a self-published book by Notion Press platform. It was announced publicly on 15th September 2021.

Thank you for reading about them.
They deserve it for their hard work.

Also, Flairs and Glairs is about to complete two glorious years in December 2021. The same will be celebrated amidst our entire community with many jovial surprises and fresh concepts. We take pride in stating that we exist to infuse novelty, provide excellent services and astounding opportunities for one and all.

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Flairs and Glairs

Flairs and Glairs

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