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A New Addition In The World Of Memers- Sarcastic_Zeno

Social media is overflooding with so many interesting memes all around. Some may be good, and some may not be that engaging. However, people are enjoying this animated creativity with all the heart. Therefore, we can announce that memes are the biggest source of entertainment at present. But it is definitely apparent that you need to have an account on the respective social networking site. Today, the list of members is growing terrifically mainly because of the youngsters. Today, one of the most popular names in this long list is @Sarcastic_zeno. By professional, this young man is not any celebrity.

Moreover, he is just an ordinary student. However, today he has cast a profound impact on so many followers due to the fantastic posts on his Instagram page. If you have the interest to know about his journey, please read this article till the end.

Background Of Sarcastic_Zeno

The person behind the page @S arcastic_Zeno is Jaswanth Singh Rajpurohit. Jaswanth belongs to the city of Hyderabad and is an engineering student. However, this boy has made a remarkable contribution by creating marvelous memes on the Instagram handle. You can also become his follower on Facebook and get to see the fun-filled posts. As per his social media information, to date, Singh Rajpurohit is single. During his schooldays, this talented personality participated in the Inter-School Championship of Chess. Jaswanth mesmerized everybody with his brilliant and fantastic performance. This was the beginning of a great future for this young boy.

Undoubtedly, his near and dear expected a lot from such an intelligent boy. After the 10+2 Boards examination, Jaswanth joined Geetanjali College of Engineering and Technology. Currently, he is studying CSE in the first year. His luck indeed took a new turn as he started sharing various memes on social media. It was beyond everyone’s thinking that such a casual activity would bring him so much success. But it does not need words how much happy his family is after his popularity beyond imagination.

Interesting Details About Patanjali

Have you heard of Patanjali? With this name, people generally associate Ram Dev Baba, the renowned yogi. However, Patanjali is the nickname of another social influencer and member. Yes, you got that right. Friends and fans use to call Rajpurohit by this funny name.

Moreover, the former name of his page was also Patanjali Member. However, at present, the new name of this page is Sarcastic Member. Patanjali’s page is full of sarcasm as he funnily portrays reality. There is still a long way to go. His memes are not so famous among the international public. Therefore, Jaswanth aspires to become popular around the globe with the help of more such memes. His unbelievable skills to engage so many audiences are really commendable.

Sometimes, he cracks sarcastic jokes on engineering too. Patanjali’s posts can bring a big smile to anybody’s face within seconds. Thus, we can say that Rajpurohit is doing a fantastic job. All his fans are giving best wishes for more amazing memes in the coming days. He always expresses gratitude for so much love and encouragement from hundreds of followers.

Jaswanth hasn’t revealed his fave officially but through our sources, we have got some of his photos

So as you can see this is the face behind the page @Sarcastic_Zeno


Short intro about Jaswant

Full name – Jaswanth Singh Rajpurohit

Age – 17

DOB – 02-07-2003

Place – Hyderabad

Nationality – Indian

Profession – Student

Studying – Engineering (CSE 1st year)

Known for – Memes

Known by – Patanjali(his funny name kept by his fans)

Relationship – Single


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