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A Dive Into Tron Smart Contract MLM Software Development – Working And Key Characteristics

Technology has modernized the ever-present MLM sector as well. The myths and a grey area surrounding this money-spinning business vertical are gradually declining due to the emergence of Smart Contracts and Blockchain technology. Platforms like Million Money, Etrix, Doubleway, Forsage, etc., have leveraged this idea to gain an irreplaceable position and help participants grow a network and gain access to unrestricted revenue. 

Among various other technologies, the Ethereum blockchain has been predominantly used for MLM businesses for years altogether. As digitization becomes inevitable, Tron blockchain gains enhanced acceptance among the crypto-circle due to numerous advantages of TRX over ETH. 

Are you an entrepreneur aiming to infuse Tron blockchain-backed Smart Contracts in your MLM business? If so, you need to know the enticing benefits and remunerative attributes of the MLM platform. Similarly, knowing crucial elements can help you assure your position in the exponentially-growing market. 

Tron – An Overview 

Tron blockchain emerged and gained instant reception after its initial launch in 2017. Founded by a Singapore-based Non-profit Organization, Tron paves the way for an entirely decentralized platform. 

The Tron ecosystem uses the native token Tronix (TRX) for transactions. By leveraging Tron blockchain, you can develop and deploy dApps by integrating numerous features and plugins as per your preferences. Tron dApps is known for its robust nature and scalability, paving the way for streamlined functionality. 

Why Tron? 

Another fundamental question that needs a befitting answer begins with ‘Why?’ Now, there are numerous reasons to choose Tron over other Blockchain mediums. Here’s why, 

  • Lower transaction fee: Among various other blockchain networks, Tron has zero transaction fees. Users can transfer millions of TRX tokens across the world in seconds without any charges. 
  • Incredible transaction speed: Unlike ETH or other blockchain networks, Tron paves the way for lightning-speed transactions. Clocking 25000 Transactions Per Second (TPS) is no easy feat, and the number is considerably higher when compared to Blockchain or Ethereum. 

These two compelling reasons are making entrepreneurs prefer Tron over others while developing an MLM platform. 

Seamless Working of the Tron-based MLM platform 

Participants can maximize their profits in no time as the Tron-based Smart Contract MLM comes with remunerative matrix schemes. With crypto-wallets like TronLink for PCs and TronWallet for Android & iOS, participants can withdraw the amount effortlessly. The enticing workflow of the platform include, 

  • Initially, participants register with the platform by specifying their Tron Wallet Number and paying the upfront single-time fee of 400 TRX. 
  • In subsequent stages, participants needn’t enter any password for logging in. By entering their address reflected on the Tron blockchain, they navigate into the platform effortlessly. 
  • Participants begin to invite referrals once level 1 is purchased. The first level requires 3 referrals. Participants can even make use of free referrals from the system as well. 
  • Once the 3 slots in level 1 are filled, 1200 TRX will be transferred to the participants’ wallets. This amount will be utilized for unlocking level 2. Successful completion of level 2 leaves the participants’ wallets with 10800 TRX. 
  • This way, participants can pay 3600 TRX to unlock level 3 and other subsequent levels. 
  • The end of level 3 leaves participants with 97200 TRX after 27 successful referrals. 
  • The platform supports 8 levels, leaving users with a massive 70,858,800 TRX at the end of level 8. 

With such an efficient compensation plan and uninterrupted workflow, the MLM platform can be the next big thing on the Internet. 

Cutting-edge attributes – Irresistible benefits 

The smart contract-based MLM platform possesses numerous key advantages over traditional MLM businesses. Some of the critical characteristics that make Tron Smart Contract Software Development the go-to solution for entrepreneurs include, 

  • Entirely decentralized system: The software completely eliminates the role of intermediaries or middle man as it is entirely decentralized. Every transaction is distributed on a global ledger instantaneously. 
  • Perfect immutability: The introduction of Smart Contracts ensures that the platform is immutable. The contract details cannot be modified/altered in the future. 
  • 100% transparency and traceability: Blockchain technology ensures that the system is entirely transparent. Every transaction can be traced effortlessly while maintaining absolute privacy. 
  • Lightning-speed P2P transfers: The system facilitates instant P2P transfers via Tron crypto-wallets, eliminating the need for withdrawal requests. Participants can transfer funds in no time. 
  • Robust storage: The software houses the latest back-end tech-stack like LevelD and KhaosDB, leading to safe and secure storage options. 
  • Military-grade security options: The software keeps fraudulent and spam activities at bay due to the integration of highly-efficient DDoS Mitigation & Anti-phishing technology. 


The market for MLM platforms has gained a massive scope in today’s technologically-driven world. Although the idea of Network Marketing has been prevalent right from the olden days, technology can ultimately steer the market to a whole new level. An entrepreneur can reach out to the right app development, share them with their visions & ideas, and roll out a trendsetting MLM platform right away. 

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