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8 Money Making Ideas for Those Who Love to Travel (Even During COVID)

Many people dream of traveling around the world; however, they do not have the finances to back them up. A practical and more likely solution to this problem is to find work that allows you to travel. To some, this may sound too good to be true, but the digital world has made it entirely possible. Below are 8 ideas that help you travel and make money at the same time.

Travel Blogging

Travel blogging is one of the few jobs where traveling is a job requirement. It requires you to travel anywhere and write a blog about it. Looking across the internet, you will find plenty of travel blogs that people write for money. However, getting to a point where you start making money for your blogs take time.

Like all types of blogging, you need to build a following before you can start earning. Once you have a certain number of followers, you can start looking for multiple ways of income. You can either start promotions and earn ad revenue or join affiliate programs.

Travel Consultant

Travel consultancy is a profession in which you have to help people with multiple travel issues. It has everything to do with traveling and the complications within the traveling process. While a travel agent helps you book tickets, a travel consultant may help you prepare for the traveling process.

Furthermore, this could even include the management of businesses that want to shift their business abroad. A travel consultant needs to be well qualified and knowledgeable of the travel process.

Freelance Teaching

Ever since the COVID outbreak, the demand for freelance online tutors has increased. Therefore, you can take advantage of this and start your online teaching career if you have expertise in any subject. It even applies to people that are native English speakers. English is a global language, and there are many willful clients ready to pay their money to online English teachers.

Instructing and teaching are jobs that you can carry out online; hence, this job does not restrict you from traveling. All you need is an electronic device and internet access. Furthermore, depending on your classes, it may not even require much of your time.

Freelance Tech Repair

This is a home-based profession that pays well. However, you need to have the technical skill to be a professional freelance tech repair. People are willing to spend plenty of money on fixing electronic devices.

Thus, if you have the demanding skill of tech repair, you do not need to work for a company. Instead, you can just freelance your work online, put up a job posting, and get clients from around the world. Not only does this job make you a lot of money, but it also fulfills your desires of traveling.


If you are fortunate enough to speak and understand a foreign language fluently, then you will find many opportunities for jobs abroad. Many business dealings and corporations require translators to work deals between two nations. For this reason, a job of a translator is not only in demand but also pays well.

Furthermore, being proficient in a foreign language can also land you a job as a tour guide. Thus, use your foreign-speaking abilities to provide services in a country you wish to visit. This way, you can live your dream of traveling and earn money doing it.

Tour Guides

To be a tour guide, you need to have sufficient knowledge of the particular destination and know the language. Acquiring this job involves spending time on specific tourist spots of your choice and learning all about them.

It takes plenty of time to become a professional tour guide and can prove to be very tough. However, your situation favors being a tour guide, as it will allow you to explore and travel to different places. If you are passionate, then you should go for it.


Do you have excellent photography skills? Then you should know that stock photography websites hire photographers to work for them. You can ultimately turn your passion for photography into a lifelong living by putting a good amount of work into it.

You can travel the world taking beautiful photographs and upload them on the huge database of free stock photo websites. Once you do that, organizations, firms, magazines, and other entities will pay you for your photos if they show interest in using it.

Furthermore, a professional company can also hire you to work for them as a photographer if you have a good resume. Lastly, freelance photography and writing go hand in hand in terms of creating blogs. With the two skills, you have the power to increase your marketability and earn enough money to travel for the rest of your life.

Web Development

Web development is a skill that surpasses all other freelance work if you have the right experience. The digital market is taking the economy by storm. With more and more businesses moving towards a digital model, especially after the pandemic, the increasing demand for web developers is astounding. Thus, you can capitalize on this opportunity to earn money and travel to your favorite places.


The digitalization of the economy and job markets means that now there are more opportunities for flexible work than ever. With just a little bit of effort, you can get yourself a job that pays enough to pursue your dream of traveling the world.


Felix is the founder of Society of Speed, an automotive journal covering the unique lifestyle of supercar owners. Alongside automotive journalism, Felix recently graduated from university with a finance degree and enjoys helping students and other young founders grow their projects.

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