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6 Ways To Grow Your Business Using Digital Marketing With Vicky Llerena

I reviewed all six strategies and offered my input on each category. The secret is to figure out where your audience or ideal customers spend most of his/her time and master that platform to optimize ROI. 


1. Facebook Ads

Clearly an obvious winner. Not only is this platform cheap as heck to advertise on, but with recent data restrictions, Facebook still allows you to target by location, age, interest, and consumer behavior that will appeal to your brand. The drawback: as Forbes mentioned, FB cannot fix a horrible ad or improve a faulty funnel – it will only amplify your message to the masses. So you have to test out different ads and different funnels and EVEN different audiences. You can upload audience data, run a look-a-like audience campaign, or retargeting campaigns on-site visitors so they continuously see your ads.

2. Youtube Commercials

I personally have never executed on pre-roll commercials but I can tell they work because I watch YouTube videos and I’m sometimes stuck on the pre-roll commercial and end up clicking. The secret: make your videos 15 sec and have them highlight a narrative/story NOT a sales pitch. YouTube has gotten better because it leverages the search engine history of the user with Google AI AND is still so much cheaper than Google Ad words.

3. Instagram

I absolutely am obsessed with building a brand on Instagram and prospecting for new clients. It’s the “fun” platform and it integrates two elements needed to grow a brand: community and relatability. Start using the IG story feature to share the day to day of you or your team. Stick to at least 5 stories a day and you will see how views will increase. Start to engage with other followers post and actually comment on their content. Make sure you post high-resolution images and then turn the page into the business page and start pushing ads. Remember, remain relatable – turn of the sales pitch.

4. SEO 

Forbes revealed the two tricks I use to instantly increase my SEO : make updates on Google my business page and completely fill out the information section inside your Google My Business dashboard. These changes will automatically increase your local SEO and help you rank higher on local search engines. (I know it works!)

5. Content Marketing

Forbes taps into blogs for content marketing, but really content marketing can include anything that is content: videos, vlogs, articles, infographics, social media posts, blurb updates. Here’s the key: with all the content you create, make sure you are publishing the content with SEO in mind. So when you publish a video, make sure you add title, description, keywords that related to your brand and target audience. This same rule applies to other forms of publishing content. The goal is for Google to index the content on search engines so users find your content.

6. Email Marketing

And so the list ends with email marketing. Although I know the average open rate has decreased from 20% to about 10 %, I can still affirm a value for email marketing. Here’s the key: don’t create sales pitches. Your email should bring value, NOT SPAM. To increase open rate: include a catchy headline and add emoji, include pictures or video in an email, and make sure you hyperlink back to the website or content offer page.

Vicky has served as host, presenter, panelist, and workshop speaker for several private entities and entrepreneurial organizations teaching the methods of social media branding and online lead generation. In September 2017, Llerena was named Top 25 Brand Builder by Leading Women Entrepreneur, a prestigious award recognizing women brand builders in New Jersey. Her team was recognized by NJBIZ (2017) as an influential Latino-Millenial media agency in New Jersey. The Real Estate Disruptor -- her most recent collaborative project -- launched this summer of 2019 with creator and co-host Ralph Dibugnara. The organization serves as a hub for real estate agents looking to grow and scale their business . Her articles have been featured in NJBiz, Huffington Post, CEO Blog Nation, and many more media outlets. Oh yes, and she happens to be Latina.

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