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4 Essential Tips for a Successful Startup By Lakshay Jain

Lakshay Jain standing his workspace of Mevrex
Lakshay Jain standing his workspace of Mevrex

Lakshay Jain is a 16-year-old enterpriser with more than 8 years of experience, he has been credited with the title of the youngest entrepreneur and developer. He started his journey when he was just seven years old. His nascent interest in Web programming and development led him to explore every aspect of it. He started learning more about entrepreneurship and web development. He also started participating, as well as winning in several programming competitions. In one of these programming events, he blew the judge’s minds away with his fantastic skills. The judges couldn’t fathom the fact that he could design such a spectacular website in just three hours.

Lakshay Jain has been in the world of entrepreneurship and web development for nearly a decade now. He has to date completed over a hundred different projects. He has served over forty clients and has also won five remarkable awards. At the moment, Lakshay Jain is the Founder and CEO of Mevrex, a new start-up that he found during this pandemic. Mevrex is a company that Lakshay built to assist those who want to turn their archetypal ideas into reality.

Lakshay Jain in his workspace

Lakshay Jain in his workspace

1) – Problem Solving

If your startup aims at solving any particular problem which doesn’t have a direct solution, the success % of your start increases magnificently, says Lakshay Jain. The majority of the company who are at the top had solved some other problem which led to the foundation of their companies.

2)- Patience is the Key to Success

The majority of startups fail in their initial stage of development, that is because they don’t have the patience to stay and wait for growth. Entrepreneurship, not a field in which you can expect growth in 1-2 Days. It’s a slow and long process which requires a high amount of patience in order to get growth says, Lakshay Jain

3)- Profit Generation

Profit is a thing that founders expect to come from day 1, which is very rare in case. The initial money razed from startups is usually bootstrapped in the growth and very little or no money is left with founders and they think the startup is loss-making, they don’t realize that it’s growing and in near future, they would start getting good profits out of it.

4)- Guidance and Research

Lakshay Jain says, ” Research and Guidance are the base of any company or product. The founders and team should spend their majority of time on these two essential things. Without them, no one can ever have a successful startup because entrepreneurship requires great research work along with proper guidance.”

lakshay jain explain to his team mates

Lakshay Jain with his colleagues

Life is full of opportunities and hurdles, it totally depends on the efforts and hunger for success one has!

~ Lakshay Jain | Founder & CEO, Mevrex

In today’s world of glam and sham, Lakshay Jain is the teenager that inspires everyone. He proves that no matter where you come from, or what your circumstances are; if you have the passion and conscientiousness you can achieve the extraordinary.

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