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3 reasons to work on personal branding from the author of two books and founder Sahil Kashyap

Sahil Kashyap

Sahil Kashyap is a well-known personality in the field of digital marketing. Having been in this field since 2017, he has all the expertise you need on digital marketingSahil Kashyap is the author of The Myths of Digital Marketingand “How To Build a Startup” book. He wrote the book intending to educate and guide people who want to start their careers as digital marketers. In this book, he talks about his struggles and the many obstacles he faced in his life before achieving success. If you want to know more about digital marketing this book is for you, this book is available on Amazon. Sahil Kashyap is also the founder of THN News.

Since 2018, everything has accelerated in the digital sphere. We want to be seen, read, liked, and increase the attractiveness of our profile to promote business or job opportunities. The race for notoriety is raging and almost anything is allowed to be able to hope to succeed.

The objective today is to help you in order to better understand the process for developing your branding. Here are 3 reasons to work on personal branding.

1. Control your visibility

Above all, we work on our personal brand to improve the visibility of our profile. Whether you are a company, an employee or simply in a professional transition, you have a status Relative visibility on the web as soon as you are a minimum active (ve): website owner, user of social networks …

This status must be valued in order to show dynamism in your activity, an active presence. Keep in mind that whatever you do, you are very likely to be indexed on Google.

Moreover, to check it is simple, launch a search with your first and last name then look at all the results that stand out. Are you surprised by what you have found? We do not always measure the impact of our interactions and our choices on the Internet and sometimes, without really realizing it, we can be counterproductive.

To better control your visibility, here are 4 actions you can set up:

Email signature: Guide people potentially interested in your profile by showing them where to look with for example a link to the website or social networks. Hubspot allows you to make very professional signatures for free.

Interventions: Take care of each answer and in a global way any intervention that you could do on the web.

Google Alert: Set up a Google alert on your last name + first name in order to have a notification when you appear again in the search results.

Completion: Fill in all spaces where you have created a profile for yourself to gain 100% visibility in order to inform interested people.

2. Develop people

Human ≄ web user. Browsing the web, the use of applications via desktop or mobile formats the user. It only gives him a sample of visible information about an individual or a company at a given time T. It is difficult to perceive the emotions, it’s like we have an incomplete picture of you. Therefore, it is important to give material to help make your personal brand richer and more alive. You must show that you are not one more profile in the mass.

To develop the human side, here are 4 actions that you can take:

Storytelling: Tell your story, your entrepreneurial or employee adventures. I’m not talking about blogging (whatever?). For example, you can indicate in your Linkedin profile or your Facebook page how you got there where you are today. For more info, on this practice, you can do a Google search.

News: Give material, bring your profile to life by regularly updating information about you.

Discussion: Interact regularly with people who are interested in you and widen your circle by going to discover other profiles. To achieve this, you can for example set a discovery goal of 15 minutes per day.

The human: If you are a business, learn to highlight the WHY you do what you do in order to make your target adhere to your vision first.

3. Keep a bankable profile

Fortunately, our professional journey is not just a straight line. Life means that we have to meet crossroads. Crossroads, for example, when you lose a job, you resign, you decide to start a business or become an employee. They can come by choice or by obligation.

The idea here is to be prepared for any eventuality in order to maintain a bankable profile. This term is originally used in the cinema industry because, like us, actors can be confronted with periods of professional uncertainty.

To maintain a bankable profile, here are 3 actions that you can take place:

Skills: You should be able to quickly identify the extent of your skills without having to ask.

Linkedin: Create or optimize your Linkedin profile. The platform promotes tools for employment and more and more recruiters are there.

Experience: Value your experience by working in your field expertise when a third party formulates a problem. First and foremost, give advice. Do not try to sell on the first contact.


Working on your personal brand is a real challenge that requires full awareness of new uses of the internet. When it comes to you, nothing should be left to chance. With each intervention, you must think about the 3 pillars of your brand: visibility, human, bankable to keep the interest of your audience. One last thing, don’t try to intervene everywhere all the time but rather in strategic places at the right time.

Blogger for 5 years on the web, I deal daily with many subjects related to new technologies, startups,business travel, or in London where I live. I never miss news, my phone being permanently taped to my hand, on the lookout for the slightest tweet!

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